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WordPress Showing multiple forum time

johanthomas12 , March 29 2021, 11:05
johanthomas12 11
March 29 2021, 11:05 #396194
Hi, I have used Chronoforms before in Joomla and have followed multiple guides and successfully created working forms, Recently I have created a store my welding yard in WordPress and installed the Chronoforms plugin, and went about creating a form as usual (I watched a tutorial as well to catch up with things) however the form I created, again very simple shows on the page 4 x.
literally shows the same form 4 x in a row in the header when I click test form. ( with the rest of the site below, not on its own page)
I have tried searching for this error in the forums and in google but cannot find anything similar.
Any suggestions?
thanks for any help