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Security image problem - image text not shown

doromi , March 24 2021, 10:51
doromi 108
March 24 2021, 10:51 #396184

I do have a problem with the security image field, and I don't find any idea in all the threads I already read here in the forum...

I have a clean Joomla 3.9.25 version running with only Chronoforms V6 (extension and module) for testing.

I added the security image to the Design page of my form, and added the ID to the Check Security image action in the Setup page.
When viewing the form the five images are there together with their radio buttons, but I have no idea how to show the text of the correct image.
My form only says "Choose the correct image: RB1 Image1 RB2 Image2 and so on", and no difference (except the order of course) whether I order the images horizontally or vertically.
So the user has no idea which one the correct image is...

What am I doing wrong, and where?

Thanks in advance for any enlightment...
doromi 108
March 25 2021, 09:58 #396188
Found it in another thread...
You have to add a %s in the label of the security image (in the Design page).
Problem solved...