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How to connect Connectivity 6 to Chronoforms 6 or 7 ?

angelmorales 154
March 17 2021, 00:18 #396156
Hi, can you tell me how to display a list in Connectivity 6, clic in the results and then display the data in Chronoforms 6 or 7 to edit?
I use to do this with Connectivity 5 and Chronoforms 5 , but I want to move on, so can you send me a Manual or can you show me a basic example so I can do it from there?
Thanks for your excelent tool.
angelmorales 154
March 17 2021, 22:31 #396161
Hello, I know you are too busy , but any help will be really helpful.
angelmorales 154
March 19 2021, 14:35 #396168
Hello, anyone?
Colnem 57
March 24 2021, 14:36 #396185
To connect chronoconnectivity6 with Chronoforms6, you have to use a Area/Form area:
  1. Data provider : {data:} or {data:your-data} or {var:your-var} or nothing for a new record
  2. Content : {chronoform.section:your-form-alias}
  3. Submit event: a chronoconnectivity6 new event where you can read the results form by {}
To connect chronoconnectivity6 with Chronoforms7, I don't know at this time!
Salute from France