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Switch Problem in Tables

Fredolino , March 10 2021, 14:08
Fredolino 670
March 10 2021, 14:08 #396120
I have 1 table (beobachtungen_list) in the "index" event. If I click on a view link in a table row I get to the 2nd table (sub-table) (beob_arten_list) in the event "view".

I have a switch: check_beo_arten_exist
Data provider: {var: beob_arten_list.row.BeoArt.state}
Values setup:
1: <i class = "icon-trash disabled"> </i>
0: {view: beo_delete_link}

I want the beo_delete_link icon to be deactivated in the "beobachtungen_list" table, if in the table
"beob_arten_list" there is a 1 in the BeoArt.state column.
It doesn't work. What should I do?