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Event Swither and Switcher - V7 equivalent

NickOg , March 04 2021, 00:08
NickOg 992
March 04 2021, 00:08 #396089
In CF V6 there are Event Switcher and Switcher actions and a Switcher area in views. There does not seem to be V7 equivalents. How does one go about reproducing these in V7??
NickOg 992
May 21 2021, 21:07 #396536
Use the 'Events' and 'Hidden' options of the Interface section of controls.
Use 'Show' as the Event and enter {var:someValue} or the built in 'form_start_page' from the event dropdown as the 'If' value and 'Equals' as the function
One extra - some fields - for example Custom|HTML - don't include events. Wrap such controls in a Container area.
NickOg 992
May 23 2021, 01:39 #396542
Or - just discovered - use events on a group. I can't upload an image at the moment but if you add a group and then add events in Advanced settings to that group, Update Areas generates what looks to me to be a Switcher equivalent.
scoutingsintpatrick 7
May 27 2021, 15:15 #396570
hi NickOrg. How did you get the group functionality to work. I want to do different things based on a drop-down menu but that does not seem to work.
NickOg 992
May 27 2021, 19:51 #396571
In the actions editor,
  1. add a group from the Basics menu
  2. in Advanced Settings in that group, add Events - fig 1
  3. Then in the new events section, add the events that you need
  4. Update Areas - you will then find area for each event
  5. Add your logic to those events fig 2
I still can't upload an image to explaion buit I will try to send you an IM copy
nyesteb 16
December 14 2021, 09:51 #397598
Hi NickOg!
Did you manage to resolve the switcher area in the view section?