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Months on the calendar in a different language?

alkmpl , February 26 2021, 17:03
alkmpl 6
February 26 2021, 17:03 #396064
How to - Months on the calendar in a different language?
admin 33
March 23 2021, 10:57 #396179
v7 latest release has a translation setting!
jmwilska 11
March 29 2021, 16:18 #396195
I found the calendar language setting, but what if the list doesn't have the language you need? How to translate the months and days?
jmwilska 11
March 29 2021, 18:17 #396196
Found it. Used the HTML tag Attributes.
Vollover 12
May 04 2021, 15:23 #396358
Thank you I found it under "Advanced Settings" but I don't know how to set Hungarian...
mendlerdesign 8
June 09 2021, 19:14 #396646

I have a same problem.
v7 has a good list, but no hungarian. I want it too.
I try to change "spanish" data-s, to Hungarian and after that I just check "spanish" and it's okay. But I am not find the file, where it is.

Anybody can help? Max?

Thank you!
Every solution is welcomed.

P.S.: If I can help you to translate months and days to Hungarian and you would like to extend the list. I will help you!
alkmpl 6
August 19 2021, 09:33 #396957
And there is finally a solution to the missing languages problem? I still have abbreviations of days in the calendar in Polish in English (M-Monday instead of P-Monday)