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Suddenly all local Window users are spammers?

carter.tweed , February 22 2021, 17:13
carter.tweed 1
February 22 2021, 17:13 #396026
Been running ChronoForums for a year without issue. Dev setup is XAMPP on Windows, which is a clone of production. The problem is suddenly no local user can log in, and when they try they see "Sorry, your login failed because you have been flagged as a spammer by a match of your details in our spambot database. If you are a genuine visitor, then we apologise. Please contact us to get the issue resolved."
I stress this does not happen with the same site on production, which is Ubuntu.
I manage many Joomla sites, and after some detective work noticed the non-Chromoforums ones don't have a table "spambot attempts", and when I looked into the one locally saw each username which tried to log in and got that message now has an entry there, both admin and non-admin.
So I looked at the local log and found this:
[Mon Feb 22 12:56:41.254087 2021] [php7:notice] [pid 5176:tid 1584] [client] PHP Notice:  
Undefined index: return in E:\\www\\joomla\\staging\\\\plugins\\user\\spambotcheck\\spambotcheck.php on line 208,
So it seems some recent Joomla or PHP update has caused this, but only when running locally, and only on sites running Chronoforums2. Right now there's no way for anyone to log in.
The Joomla version is 3.9.24, PHP is 7.4.15 and the Chronoforums2 version is current.

Anyone else seen this? Thanks!
admin 33
February 23 2021, 14:17 #396036
did you install a plugin on your website called "spambothcheck" ? it may have also been installed with another extension/module/package
But it's not something in ChronoForums2