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How to upgrade forms to V7

gasoline , February 15 2021, 11:16
gasoline 64
February 15 2021, 11:16 #395954
I wanna use V7 because of the upload to a specific folder. But I have a lot of other V6 forms. I don't want to make them again. How to import/convert them to V7?
admin 33
February 20 2021, 13:53 #395991
best solution now is to do the necessary forms only, because there is no auto importer ready yet!
mendlerdesign 8
May 17 2021, 10:22 #396486
We have chronoform V5, we buy another license (2+1) for V7.
I have two questions:

Can I upgrade some way the forms, or I have to create and "renew" manually the forms.

Can I install two chronoforms. So the old (V5) forms runs without problems, when new (V7) forms run too and when we have time, we renew the old forms.
If all forms renewed, after we can delete V5 ?



admin 33
May 18 2021, 14:47 #396512
Yes, after you install v7, open the forms manager and check the "Restore" menu, it will have v5 restore option so that you can restore your existing v5 forms!
coughlin 113
October 04 2021, 14:19 #397189
Is there still no way to migrate forms from CF6 to CF7? We have been waiting forever.