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How delete uploaded file after send email?

joaoparao , February 03 2021, 15:22
joaoparao 26
February 03 2021, 15:22 #395832
Hi, I have worked how indicated from the post

but I receive a
Error: 0 Class 'CFUploads' not found.
What is my mistake?
I use Chronoforms v6.
Thank you so much
admin 33
February 06 2021, 21:39 #395870
in v7 there is a "Delete file" behavior in the field settingsm make sure the global delete files behavior of the form is enabled too!
joaoparao 26
February 08 2021, 08:17 #395884
Hi Max,
I solved it just yesterday. However I understand: I have to upgrade to v7 to solve any problem.