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CF6 to CF7 - is it an upgrade or downgrade?

joachimliedtke , January 27 2021, 09:28
joachimliedtke 119
January 27 2021, 09:28 #395765
CF7 right now feels like a method to acquire fresh money. Nothing wrong about this. I am mostly satisfied with the product (CF6), but why does CF7 feels so half-baked? There are some parts / widgets / functions CF6 had and that are now missing in CF7. I am not only talking about the missing rating widget ... I clearly see the advantages of CF7 over CF6, but why do I have to do all forms all over again? No import for CF6, but legacy support for CF5?
Is CF7 getting all CF6 features in a foreseeable future? I am a but unsure, which version to use right now. CF6 the more feature rich or the improved CF with less features?
Sorry, if this sounds like a rant, but it is no (complete) joy to work with CF7 at the moment. And please (I know this would be hard work) give us a proper manual.
admin 32
February 06 2021, 21:45 #395873
some v6 features have not been added to v7 (like the rating), but so many v7 features are not available in v6, it depends on the feature popularity mainly, not so many users used the rating feature.
Most features are on the todo list!
luxhodge 195
February 22 2021, 18:09 #396027
I think v7 feels different, but once you get used to it, it is still awesome. I appreciate all of Max's hard work.