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Read one dataset from DB but form doesn't update field values

iwoxx , January 20 2021, 11:48
iwoxx 12
January 20 2021, 11:48 #395716
set up a form with a 2 fields (a_id, text_a).
Sending URL "index.php?option=com_chronoforms7&cont=manager&chronoform=form-a-edit&a_id=43" loads the dataset (see debug output), but only the "a_id" is updated (seems from the request URL). Field "text_a" stays empty.
I want to set the fields based on the read data record from database.
What am I doing wrong or how to achieve the loading of the read data into all the fields in that form?
Please find attached the form backup and screenshots with form/debugger output!
Thank you in advance!
KR Dieter