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Default Values

SwingeyP , January 18 2021, 10:44
SwingeyP 46
January 18 2021, 10:44 #395693
Hi all,
Q1. I want to populate some of my form fields with default values. I can't see where you do this.
It's just a simple text entry set with a mask for integer but I want it to default to 0 (zero).
Q2. Also. How can I populate a form field with a value from a database? _ The youtube examples show a table being populated with data but how do I populate one of my text fields with database data? The scenario is that a user logs in to Joomla. I then want to get the username and populate that in a field.
At present I have used some php to extract the username from Joomla as per the 'Name' in the screen shot but I want that data in 'What is your name'
SwingeyP 46
January 18 2021, 11:18 #395694
Hi all. I have fathomed the default value using 'placeholder'
How can I add a value from a database variable to a text field? as above?