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Impossible to Get loop_event {var:values} through paypal redirect to ipn and further

serguei_kp , January 14 2021, 18:21
serguei_kp 105
January 14 2021, 18:21 #395665
I'm able to get loop event values to the email body from Submit action with {var:loop_event42}.
But when I need to do it through PayPal Redirect, {var:loop_event42} value is unreachable,
I need to send an email when {url.full:canceled} is called from PayPal Redirect, but I've only managed to send values accessible from {data:field_name} but not from {var:loop_event42}!
Why is it so? Is there any more or less simple solution to get through?
And ipn emails are not triggered at all by {url.full:ipn}.
Ipn settings: standalone,
"Canceled" action triggers "email_confirmation" action with an Event loader
Best regards!