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Confused about Validation rules! help!

ltempest , January 11 2021, 11:51
ltempest 90
January 11 2021, 11:51 #395639
I have a simple text field on my form that allows someone to enter their name. We are receiving a lot of spam through the form, even though Google Recaptcha is setup.
However, the spammer always seems to enter the same name into the text field.
I have tried to add a validation rule to the input box, but this then fails every name that is entered. Please see the screenshot which shows my rule, I have converted the name to XXXX for security!
your_name/match[XXXXXX] :This name is not allowed
What have I done incorrectly?
admin 32
January 15 2021, 03:42 #395667
For this situation I would suggest you use v7 for this form and setup a custom rule, where you can define a PHP function to test the value and show an error!