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how to call a button or function from php code

attiliomilli , January 09 2021, 15:01
attiliomilli 2
January 09 2021, 15:01 #395626
I am in cc6 and I would like to call a task button as a popup within the code I wrote in an custom html, how can I do?

echo "<i class='icon sticky note outline red' title='".$note."'></i>";
//echo "<a href='#' title='".$note."'><i class='icon sticky note outline red' title='".$note."'></i></a>";
For now I have used TITLE but I would like a popup button.
admin 33
January 20 2021, 13:22 #395719
what do you mean by calling a popup ? if you want to disable any view then you just use