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How to remove G3 CSS and JS

mastos , December 31 2020, 01:17
mastos 11
December 31 2020, 01:17 #395536
Is there a way to remove the code below?
<style>.G3-body ... </style>
* # Fomantic UI - 2.8.6
admin 33
January 03 2021, 00:00 #395554
Removing the CSS would make the form not so nice looking, and removing the script would break some core features like dropdowns and checkboxes and fields validations...etc
Why do you need to remove that ?
mastos 11
January 06 2021, 23:58 #395588
Hi Max,
I want to use custom html and custom validations.
My form worked on CF5. But I can't move to CF7.
admin 33
January 08 2021, 03:16 #395611
Custom HTML and custom validations ? then why do you even need to use ChronoForms ? you can add your code to the page directly!
microstudiosimone 9
January 13 2022, 15:23 #397742
Hi Max,
I have a dark background on my website ( ) and the chronoform style set text to black on black.
Ho can I delete/remove color rule form chornoform and use template color for text?
GreyHead 65
January 14 2022, 16:06 #397749
Hi Simone,
You can use Custom CSS to override the default ChronoForms settings and change the text Color to white.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much