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I want a form for my website

jhon442 , December 24 2020, 05:06
jhon442 1
December 24 2020, 05:06 #395502
Hi, I have made website on wordopress. Now I want to add a review form on my home page. Can anyone guide me that how can I add it ?
admin 33
December 26 2020, 00:42 #395506
install ChronoForms from the WordPress plugins repository then follow the videos to create a form
owensg 4
April 15 2021, 18:07 #396265
Is the download from for ChronoForms for WordPress only available from from this site or is it best to download from the official WordPress site?
I"ve downloaded Version 7, from this website, installed on a clients WP site, it creates beautiful forms, yet I can't seem to get any forms to show in the log, DB, send any email to the administrator or send a copy of the form to the end user. Mind you this is in my experience testing.

I'm wondering if there is something different about the install and configuration that I lack knowledge about? I've used ChronoForms on Joomla very successfully in the past.

Is there a difference or something I need to know between setting this up in WordPress vs Joomla that I may lack knowledge about.
To Bob, thank you for answering my contact. I appriciate you.
admin 33
April 22 2021, 17:30 #396289
Did you check the v7 videos ? the link is in my signature!