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Cannot get conditional next buttons to display on mulitpage form

martin.greenaway , December 08 2020, 15:37
martin.greenaway 4
December 08 2020, 15:37 #395218
Hi there,
I have a monster form with 7 pages of fields on it (I know, but we've all been there with requirements, right?) where I have quite a few dependent conditions and I'm not sure its configured correctly.
The issue I'm having at the moment is that I want the user to go from page 1 to page 3 (skipping page 2) if the value of a hidden checkbox is ticked, but to go to page 2 if it is not ticked.
Therefore, I have two buttons, one a straight submit, and the other a submit with a link to page 3. The form is sequential. Then for both buttons, I have set conditions on the hidden field to show and hide as appropriate.
The checked status of the check box is changing as expected. I am also deliberately re-firing the "change" event on the checkbox just in case it was that. However, the buttons do not swap over as expected. I have had this working, but ever since I changed the display label of the checkbox (to make more sense in the form result email) it has stopped working. I have since deleted and recreated the hidden checkbox, the buttons, the button event conditions etc. but none of this has had an effect.
I have attached screenshots of:
  1. Hidden checkbox unit
  2. First button to go to second page including events
  3. Second button, initially hidden, to go to third page including events
  4. Form showing button to second page but checked box, a scenario where I'd expect to see the button to the third page instead.
I can unhide the checkbox, and see it being checked and unchecked as expected by JS. I am also manually firing a "change" event on the checkbox just to be on the safe side that it's not that which is causing the issue.
With the checkbox unhidden, checking and unchecking it *DOES* make the buttons change as expected. As noted, this has been working previously with the checkbox hidden, so I'm at a bit of a loss. Any assistance appreciated!
admin 32
December 11 2020, 03:06 #395269
the problem is showing/hiding the buttons or the switching of pages ? because a sequential page group will not let you skip any pages
martin.greenaway 4
December 16 2020, 09:46 #395348
Hi there, I am trying to skip pages - so this might be part of the problem. How do you move between pages in a non-sequential group - do you just have to specify for every submit button where it goes?
admin 32
January 03 2021, 00:08 #395557
In the next update you can set the possible next pages of any page in the page settings, otherwise the pages go in order and skipping pages will be blocked!
martin.greenaway 4
January 04 2021, 10:14 #395568
Hi Max, Ah I see - when will the next update be released, please, or where might I go to find the roadmap?
martin.greenaway 4
January 13 2021, 09:38 #395657
Hi Max, do you have a rough indication when we might know when the next update is coming?
admin 32
January 18 2021, 14:20 #395696
This was added to the latest release, in the Page settings you can choose the "Next pages", in that list just choose which pages are allowed as next pages, otherwise the next page is decided based on the pages order, in such case you can not skip pages!
Now in order to jump to any page, just choose it in the button settings