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Rich Text Editor not work

ozkrsanchez , November 28 2020, 05:17
ozkrsanchez 62
November 28 2020, 05:17 #395073
Hi everybody,
I use a text area field, i activated the propiety Rich Text Editor, but, when I open the form it does not allow inserting letters, it is not activated.

The version chronoforms installed is 6.1.4
Please help me urgently!!!
admin 32
November 29 2020, 02:21 #395079
it can be a js error on your page, try to use v7 instead!
ozkrsanchez 62
November 29 2020, 07:14 #395086
It was not the answer I needed!
admin 32
November 29 2020, 15:07 #395091
if it's an error on the page then the error should be fixed, if you try v7 and it does work then just use it, if not then the error should be fixed!
ozkrsanchez 62
November 29 2020, 17:36 #395093
I understand that you want to promote CF7 and CC7, but I already have a significant advance in what I am doing and relearning how things are done in v7 is quite complicated, documentation is missing, examples are missing, more support is missing in the forums, anyway.My option is not to migrate to v7.
healyhatman 9
November 30 2020, 12:03 #395096
I fixed it for you on your site Oscar.
Max: it's because it was in a repeater, and the tinymce gets applied to the source-item on init when it shouldn't be. I emailed you a suggested fix.
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