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How to create a working search field for a list

different_greyhead , November 13 2020, 17:49
different_greyhead 115
November 13 2020, 17:49 #394825
How do you create a working search field for a connectivity list in CF7?
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.
admin 33
November 15 2020, 13:24 #394845
Add a Text field to the Repo, then open the text field "Data" behaviors and add the "Search list" behavior, configure it then call the text field view in your page!
The field should be on the same page of the "Read data" in the behavior settings!
different_greyhead 115
November 15 2020, 13:45 #394848
HI Max,
Thank you. I got that far but was set to sequential. Changing to standalone got it working.
Regards, Aaron
admin 33
November 16 2020, 14:21 #394865
The Standalone/Sequential has no effect on the search functionality, it affects the page processing!
iwoxx 34
January 09 2021, 13:41 #395623
Hi Max,
I tried this but the connectivity view list only shows the list entries from database. The "Search" text field doesn't show up in Admin View.
May be I missed something or don't understand correctly:
1. In Repo, created the "Text" field in section "Views" below the table list.
2. Under Tab "Data" I added "Search Listing" option and set Data Source (Repo.Source) as well as the Searchable field (Model Name.field_name).
Anything left to do? Thank you!
Pls. see attachments!
KR Dieter
jaclogo 1
March 23 2021, 17:06 #396182
I got just the same problem, the "search" text field doesn't show up...