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How to import form from v6 to v7 ?

adam M , October 28 2020, 15:32
adam M 56
October 28 2020, 15:32 #394605
Hello - as i mentioned in the topic title ... how to do this ? Will You plan to make an "import" function ? .
If not - is it possible to do this manually or should I design the form in V7 from the beginning ?
admin 33
October 29 2020, 23:14 #394630
A v6 > 7 import is planned, but not sure when it will be ready, so you may wait and use v7 for new forms, they can work together on the same website!
Elitakey 388
October 30 2020, 12:47 #394640
Unless there is ChronoConectivity involved. Installing CF7 ruins CCv6 unfortunately.
admin 33
October 30 2020, 20:52 #394645
Hi Elita,
The latest CF7 update has a Connectivity mode, you can just use it instead of CC6 for now, I'm trying to finish a video tutorial on this!
Elitakey 388
October 31 2020, 06:51 #394661
Hi, Max,
yes I noticed that and find this very useful and good decision from your side.
for the beginning, please, create a DEMO for Basic Articles list and other demo forms. that would help to dig in.
coughlin 113
May 18 2021, 13:21 #396506
Are there any instructions for impotering CF6 forms into CF7 yet?
webhand 8
June 16 2021, 09:57 #396691
Is there any news regarding the importer from V6 to V7?
In Chronoforms V7 there is a button "Import" but it does not work for me.

Thanks for an update.
Chas_L 49
January 16 2022, 12:58 #397755
Any news on this? I have complex form in V6 I really want to replicate in V7.