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Contact-Form in Dreamweaver > Import to Chronoforms 7?

scannergmbh , October 09 2020, 07:46
scannergmbh 2
October 09 2020, 07:46 #394283
is it possibel to make a form in Dreamweaver an them to import/include to Chronoforms 7 (Joomla)?
admin 33
October 09 2020, 20:34 #394293
If Dreamweaver gives you HTML and CSS code then you can create a form and add the HTML in HTML view, the CSS in a CSS view, make sure you remove any <form...> </form> tags from the HTML code!
scannergmbh 2
October 13 2020, 07:45 #394315
i have included the code in "html". After sending my form, the result in Outlook is...
we have received the following details:
healyhatman 9
October 13 2020, 13:54 #394320
Unless the form is particularly complicated, just rebuild it.
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admin 33
October 13 2020, 23:46 #394323
Clear your email body content and then type {email_content} in the body box, what do you get?