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Set up and user information/tutorial

peterleather , September 20 2020, 15:29
peterleather 1
September 20 2020, 15:29 #393986
Ive purchased chrono forums installed it but am struggling to configure it.
Are there any documents or tutorials to set up and configute the forum?
Liesbeth 70
September 25 2020, 08:12 #394049
Here the same, I just installed chronoforms 7 and it's a bit different compared to the previous versions. For example, i wonder what to put (or not) in the start and end page. And is there a possibility to change the style of the form, like you could in version 6.
The link you provided is a very old link, posted in 2013, this is not very useful for the newest versions. I would be happy if you have a manuel for the latest version.
Thanks in advance.
admin 33
September 25 2020, 21:17 #394054
We are preparing some tutorials for v7, but if you try to create a new Contact form then it should be very easy, you just need some fields in the "start_page" and the form should work!