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2 dropdown in the repeater have a problem

Fredolino , September 18 2020, 15:51
Fredolino 663
September 18 2020, 15:51 #393957

I have 2 dropdown in the repeater:
name: group [{var: area_repeater2.key}] [id_gr]
ID: family_id_ {var: area_repeater2.key}
Events: Change / Reload / Elements: #art_id_ {var: area_repeater2.key}
name: group [{var: area_repeater2.key}] [art_id]
ID: art_id_ {var: area_repeater2.key}
Advanced / Reload event: dynamic

Under Actions in "dynamic":
1. PHP: return array_values ($ this-> data ("group. [n] .id_gr")) [0];
2. Read data for DB-table
3. Custom code: {view: field_selectXX}

If I select an option value in the 1st dropdown, then the list view in the 2nd dropdown works.
If I then select another option-Value in the 1st dropdown, it no longer works. The 2nd dropdown is not updated.
What do I have to do to solve the problem?

ozkrsanchez 62
November 10 2020, 16:32 #394789
Hi Fredolino, could you solve something?

I really consider that Max is somewhat busy with CF7 and there is no more support for CF6.
Could you help me, I have something similar to yours and maybe you can help me.
Fredolino 663
November 11 2020, 13:23 #394801
it was a bit complicated and only works with additional php code...