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Repeater failure after updating to joomla 3.9.20

rotocal , August 20 2020, 13:19
rotocal 48
August 20 2020, 13:19 #393691
After updating to joomla 3.9.20 I am experimeting a problem by loading data into a repeater. See please images bellow ..First the page after loading and ready for edit a requisition form. Three first echo printed lines show what is in the array after assigning values via PHP which brings all the data for the repeater (requisition lines in this case 3 of them) - data provider. As you can see the data is in the array and in fact populates partially the repeater. Three requisition lines with 3 descriptions. Dropdown Field name "Descripcion" is not working right since the value should be the one in the array and is in fact the first of the database list (read via ... {var:read_data17}. To probe this I create an additional field (not dropdown - a regular text field) with the name Descripcion2 which value in the repater is the same description, and is loaded OK. why is the dropdown not taken the right value after updating to joomla 3.9.20 .... I did not have this problem before.
rotocal 48
August 22 2020, 19:47 #393700
I would like to have an answer to this please.