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PDF and better text editor

lucianaelisa , July 30 2020, 21:04
lucianaelisa 6
July 30 2020, 21:04 #393486
I am constantly looking for a solution to implement the generation of pdf from a ready-made form and I would also like to change the default text editor you have in chronoforms. I already tried on the support but nobody answered me yet. Please, can anyone help me?
GreyHead 65
July 31 2020, 09:36 #393491
Hi Luciana,
I saw that Max has already replied to your Contact form saying "You need to install the TCPDF library then you can use the TCPDF action in your forms."
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
lucianaelisa 6
July 31 2020, 12:37 #393492
Hi Bob

I understood that is possible but I dont know HOW
I already install TCPD but do not appear in actions. About the text editor I only need that be capable to choose fonts and insert image by a buttom search not by url... Is its possible to have a text editor with more option and I ask you again - if yes - how? Please HOW for all HOW to do!
Can you explain better HOW TO?
Do you have written documentation on HOW TO DO this somewhere? For me it is not being useful just knowing that it is possible but not knowing HOW TO implement
I already read too the second Max answer ... I'm in the same way not knowing HOW

Please ask yourself how to do it and answer as if you have never seen this software (like me) and then write to me about both the text editor and the pdf
Thank you very much
lucianaelisa 6
July 31 2020, 12:41 #393493
Max answer bellow
#1- ChronoForms6 uses the tinyMCE editor, this is one of the best available, what exactly do you need?
#2- You need to install the TCPDF library then you can use the TCPDF action in your forms.
#3- Did you download and check the Chronoforms6 manual available on the downloads page ?Best regards, Max
As you can see I dont have answers about how to in the Chronoforms6 do not appear nothing about PDF
Thank you and please trully help me
lucianaelisa 6
July 31 2020, 12:53 #393494
This is tinymce interface:


And this is the editor thats appear on chronoforms

(29.99 KiB)
216 Downloads/Views
(8.38 KiB)
212 Downloads/Views
admin 32
August 01 2020, 03:21 #393499
Hi luciana,
v7 did not have the TCPDF action, but I have updated your install with that!
For the editor, please specify which features you need exactly
Best regards
lucianaelisa 6
August 01 2020, 13:30 #393511
So which version can I install that has the features I need and the link to install because I cannot find in your website. Even if they installed it for me it is not working properly. I've been trying to find out how

A) Generate PDF from data entered in the form;

B) Have the default joomla Tinynce editor on chronoforms with all buttoms and features

Just this please! You have to say HOW TO DO
I don't know what else to do I'm already getting desperate
lucianaelisa 6
August 02 2020, 14:31 #393519
If anyone reads this topic please help me. They may not understand the meaning of how to do this or that. There's nothing in the manual. The paid version says it has the functionality to generate pdf from data sent in the form but I don't know what else to do for them to understand what I'm finding bizarre the most bizarre situation I have ever encountered regarding joomla extensions