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Date & Time in Forum Posts shows only UTC

JimTrottier , June 06 2020, 15:18
JimTrottier 1
June 06 2020, 15:18 #392946
I just purchased ChronoForums and I'm trying to get it to work for our private Intranet. It seems to run fine, but the date & time on every post and comment shows the UTC date and time instead of our actual date & time (which is CST, or America/Chicago). I found an old post here stating that the resolution was to set the Server Timezone in Global Settings in Joomla to the correct timezone, but I checked this and it's already set to America/Chicago. The date and time everywhere else in Joomla and other Joomla Components shows the proper date & time for our timezone. How can I fix this for our Forums?
I'd be happy to modify the source code if I need to, I manage our intranet server so I have full access to the source, but I can't seem to find where this bit of the header is in the source code files.
Thank you in advance for your help.
abokuo 2
July 06 2020, 11:07 #393323
Hi Jim:
What would you see the timezone setting in "PHP imformation" tab in "System InformatIon" ?
Usually I made timezone configuration in php.ini and in Global configuration, hope it will help you.