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Check if value exist (fill rest of form or leave blank)

flyboeing , May 04 2020, 08:44
flyboeing 150
May 04 2020, 08:44 #392301
Hi all,
I created a repeater area form (based on the Demo form). It is all working but now I would like to add some extra features.
In my form a have a field called 'Registration'. Here users can add the registration of an aircraft and they can fill in the rest of the form. Now I would like to add the feature when the registration is entered in the field, the value is checked in the database:
if exist ---> fill the blue fields
if not exist ---> leave fields blank
How can this be implemented in the form?
Kind regards,
GreyHead 65
May 04 2020, 08:58 #392304
Hi Ruud,
You could do this by calling a JavaScript function when the Registration is changed. The function could then use an AJAX call to the server to retrieve the matching data and show it in the form. The AJAX call would be to a separate form event that reads the database.
Another possibility is to use a multi-page form where the first page shows only Registrations and, when submitted returns a second page with all the fields including the corresponding data.