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I had a good idea.... NOT!!!!

deef73 , March 19 2020, 00:45
deef73 49
March 19 2020, 00:45 #391677
I have several sites that are built roughly the same. Only the sites have a different domain name / subject / email / responsible. I was building 1 form with chronoforms with different variables in it. That's why I love chronoforms.
The only problem is how to solve this with google recaptcha becausse the secret key and the site key in this fields it is not possible to place {data:google_secret_key} or is this a possible program change?
healyhatman 9
March 19 2020, 12:50 #391686
Nope, just set the variables. It COULD be changed to parse the key field but I just can't see the point - either way you're going to have to put the code somewhere, might as well put it in the one box it needs to be in.
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admin 33
March 24 2020, 12:06 #391733
In the next update the Google reCaptcha keys are moved to a Global Chronoforms Configuration area!
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