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Dropdown field in Table view - Change&Save simoultaneously

Elitakey , March 04 2020, 08:48
Elitakey 318
March 04 2020, 08:48 #391486
Hello, CCv6 Guru,
I have a table view with simple Dropdown field:
The Question is - what should I do to have this Dropdown Save the value when changed? Without any other button , action, etc? Is it possible?
This is what I have so far:
1) Created Dropdown with FieldName - Statuss[rekStat] and Dropdown view name - rekina_statuss ;
2) Added Dropdown to the Table Columns views - Submission.rekStat:{view:rekina_statuss}
3) Created Save function save_data_statuss with
  1. Data Provider {data:Statuss},
  2. Data override rekStat:{data:rekStat} on insert&update;
  3. Condition Submission.aid={data:aid}
4) tried to add this function to Dropdown Event - did not suceed...
What should I do to make this work? To save the changed option of that dropdown field as soon as it has been changed?
Should I need PHP function added or I can do that with built-in CCv6 possibilities?