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Pre-Purchase question: Custom Checkout Page Woocommerce

Onepa , February 01 2020, 13:21
Onepa 3
February 01 2020, 13:21 #390997
Hello Chronoforms,
I am running a blog, Now I am planning to embed Woocommerce also in that blog to display my products. But I don't like wocommerce checkout page. I want to embed my own form and want to replace that form. Instead of using wocommerce plugin i want to convert the process as simple as possible. client just click on purchase, which redirect the client to a simple page for credit card option, name and address that's it. no other extra stuffs. Currently my blog is related to random trivia questions.
healyhatman 9
February 01 2020, 23:40 #391001
You will expend a LOT more effort creating a custom checkout form in CF than you would just using the woocommerce checkout, surely.
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