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Drop-down box for a form listing all countries in the world

sylwekb , January 16 2020, 19:54
sylwekb 106
January 16 2020, 19:54 #390743
Is there a ready tutorial on how to do a drop-down box for a form listing all countries in the world? An additional functionality would be when entering the letter A, for example, would display all countries beginning with the letter a. Is it possible? Someone has maybe such a ready solution how can it be done?
Where to download the full list of countries from around the world?
healyhatman 9
January 16 2020, 22:51 #390747
Google it. "Json list of all countries" should get you what you need. Then you need to take the list and make it the right format for the dropdown, like
US=United States of America
so on and so forth. Then set the dropdown to "searchable" and "full text searchable" (in the options for the dropdown) and you're good to go.
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