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Where can I find CF 6.0.20 installer?

matteonono , January 14 2020, 14:51
matteonono 4
January 14 2020, 14:51 #390720
Hello everybody, this morning Joomla suggested me to update CF to the latest version (I fad 6.0.20 installed) , I did it from Joomla backend and unfortunately my multipage forms stopped working, so I cannot have subscriptions to my courses and this is very bad
I quickly restored database and folder from a backup, but something is still wrong with the forms
Can someone help me? I would like to install the previous version but can't find a previous releases download area
Or maybe someone can help me to solve my troubles with 6.1.4 . I still have no answer from the customer care
healyhatman 9
January 14 2020, 23:27 #390728
Nope sorry. Better to try and track down where in the form it's not working.
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admin 29
January 26 2020, 09:33 #390917
How exactly did your form stop working ?