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Chronoforms V6 WordPress update

vipcca , January 08 2020, 22:32
vipcca 3
January 08 2020, 22:32 #390605
I currently have version 6.0.1 installed. There is no V6 or updates available on the WordPress plugin page so I downloaded the latest version from the ChronoEngine site and tried to manually install it through FTP. Everything was fine except when I try to update an existing form I get the spinning circle and the form does not save. Is there something else I need to do?
owensg 4
April 15 2021, 18:26 #396266
Did you ever get this working? I've installed Version 7 on a WP site, It looks wonderful, yet can't write to the DB, Log, Send Email to user, or Email to Admin.
Bob Janes has been kind enough to to take a look at my install, didn't see any errors that jumped out at him, and I'm waiting on Max to take a look. LMK when you can.