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registration in chronoforms 6 fail in iphone

karatteamofficial , December 18 2019, 21:14
karatteamofficial 14
December 18 2019, 21:14 #390435
Hi. I have a registration form with chronoform 6 working perfect for desktop and android, but users who register from iphone, the system does not send mail to the admin or is created in the table of the chronoform bd. At the time of login the user also fails to log in, ask again user and pasw
GreyHead 64
December 19 2019, 10:08 #390441
Hi karatteamofficial,
Not something I've seen reported here before. It sounds as though the form is not submitting from the iPhone :-( There may be a problem with the Action URL - you could try setting that manually.
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healyhatman 8
December 19 2019, 10:28 #390444
Are they accessing the form via a facebook link by any chance?
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karatteamofficial 14
December 19 2019, 20:13 #390449
Sorry, I put the reply button by accident.
Users do not reach the site on Facebook.
I don't know how I can configure the Action URL
admin 28
January 22 2020, 08:31 #390842
This may be a cache issue, what is the form URL in the browser address bar? (you can hide your domain name), and what is the URL after you submit the form ?
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