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Bug on concatenating radiobuttons in Chronoforms v6

Kronosites , December 06 2019, 16:29
Kronosites 77
December 06 2019, 16:29 #390253
I'm working on Chronoforms v6 adding lots of RadioButtons, with "<span>" tag inside labels.
From radiobutton nº10 (aprox) I'm having this kind of problem when save the form:
Radio buttons inside other radio buttons:
I can edit individually, but i cannot move or delete ir, its a group, and when I move or delete one of them, all the groups and sub-items are moved or deleted.
Also error on console:
Could you help me please?
healyhatman 9
December 06 2019, 23:29 #390265
There seems to be a bug I keep forgetting to report when using the duplicate function. Try manually adding each one sorry.
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