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chronoform 6 won't work after update to php 7.3.12 , December 04 2019, 10:37
admin 33
May 23 2020, 23:50 #392705
Could you please try v7 beta3 and check if the same issue occurs ?
HCH 34
May 24 2020, 18:21 #392735
Sorry, this is not possible because I am using V6. I am waiting for a solution for V6, not for V7.
admin 33
May 24 2020, 18:47 #392737
did you try to disable the "Advanced template parsing" in the email settings ? did you disable error reporting in Joomla global config ?
HCH 34
May 24 2020, 19:34 #392742
I already disabled error reporting in Joomla global config. But from my point of view this cannot be the solution (see also by joachimliedtke)
I switched back from PHP 7.4 to PHP 7.3. Now the error message no longer appears.
admin 33
June 01 2020, 14:37 #392867
we have 2 issues, the bug with the "advanced email template", this can be fixed by disabling this setting, which is the default in the latest v6
The other issue is some warnings, to be fixed in the next v6 update, which occurs only on PHP 7.4 but can be avoided by disabling "error reporting" in Joomla global config!
mendlerdesign 8
July 19 2020, 16:37 #393396
We have a same problem. When we update php 7.3.6 to 7.4.3 every form page show this:

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to
plgSystemReDJ::customException() must be an instance of Exception,
instance of ParseError given in
Stack trace:
#0 [internal function]:
#1 {main}
thrown in /web/y-mypage-y/plugins/system/redj/redj.php on line 673
admin 33
July 20 2020, 02:29 #393397
this is not related to Chronoforms and you should ask the develiper of that plugin!