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Latest Chronoforms6 on WPress does not work

kaeser49 , August 29 2019, 10:31
kaeser49 43
August 29 2019, 10:31 #389017

I am working on latest WP with chronoforms5 and installed chronoforms6 to start a new form on latest chronforms6 (6.1.4).
I use this shortcode: [Chronoforms6 chronoform="test61"]
Titel and alias are named test61

The form is published. I can use the preview function which works but on the browser I get a blank page.

I disabled chronoforms5 and also the cache program but no change.


kaeser49 43
August 31 2019, 06:05 #389053
after some de- and activating of all and some plugins it startet working
kaeser49 43
September 02 2019, 06:39 #389082
My last findings are, that the two versions 5 and 6 do not work at the same time on WP
I have about 30 forms on V5 and cannot switch to version 6 now.
I would do some work to get them working on V6 but without any major migration support it seems to me a wast of time at the moment.

(Writing in the forum is a real pain because after a second backstep the whole sentenses get deleted instead of letter by letter. I posted this in another section of this forum.)