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Implement dynamic dropdown

Mish , August 23 2019, 13:29
Mish 1
August 23 2019, 13:29 #388964
Have been using an old version of Chronoforms on Joomla, now upgrading to v6.1 on WordPress and a little lost - please help.
I am struggling to implement a dynamic dropdown like the demo form. I am stuck at a basic level: can't find a way to add the dynamic section shown in the demo. Demo works fine but I can't replicate it in my own form.
I have set up the same code under Load and Submit, but no "Dynamic" section shows up and the option to insert the logic functions doesn't show up in the menu on the left.
healyhatman 9
August 26 2019, 11:51 #388982
Your dynamic loading event needs to be set to "standalone" and you need to make sure the "Auto display view" option is turned OFF on the event.
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