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Chronoform v6 Wordpress and DIVI theme - Message is not shown after submitting a form

aiia , August 11 2019, 07:28
aiia 2
August 11 2019, 07:28 #388775
I am facing an issue using chronoformV6 in WordPress which have a divi theme : the message is not shown after submitting the form.
I usually find the answer to my question here. But I can't find this issue.
I have a simple form. I have also noticed that, the view is not working on a page where all forms are listed. But preview works fine and I can see the message there.
Many thanks for your help.
healyhatman 9
August 11 2019, 09:00 #388776
Right click near where the message SHOULD be, inspect, find the message div and see if your theme CSS is hiding it.
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indieben 133
August 16 2019, 17:38 #388867
I'm going to second this issue as a bug.
It's not working on mine either and my template is not hiding it.
I'm using Joomla and the Gantry Framework and it always worked before.
This new update has seriously stuffed up a fair few of my forms - no need for it. Before totally over-throwing the way a product looks, it's important to do customer research to see if they are in favour or not. People do not like unneccessary change.
admin 29
August 17 2019, 03:58 #388876
it can be for any reason, the theme is hiding it or cache, for WordPress themes and other plugins affect the page output.
@indeiben, if you have Joomla then please open a new topic and post more details about the issue
Best regards
If your main question got answered then please mark the answer using the button!
Did you try the new ChronoForms7 ? if yes then please send us your comments!!
aiia 2
August 18 2019, 20:26 #388893
It has finally worked for me after I have uninstalled "wp file manager" plugin.
Best regards