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update all toolbar with calculation on table

samir1903 , July 03 2019, 20:38
samir1903 185
July 03 2019, 20:38 #387971
Hello everyone
i have table which has booking time
i would like mto have when i write booking times and actualize it automaticly calculate the degree of puntuation
in example of
7:00 to 7:30 return 5
7:35: to 7:45 return 4
7:45 to 8:00 return 3
and when i click update all it has to update all puntualtion with calculation on the table
healyhatman 9
July 04 2019, 00:08 #387973
I don't understand what you're asking. What is puntuation and how do those numbers relate to each other?
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samir1903 185
July 04 2019, 03:04 #387977
puntuarion is spanglish ?
right there is booked students when somebody assist to the booked time i will Wright assisted time on the table of connectivity in a textfield. Lets say somebody came 15 min late to the vooking so return 4 point for this studnt. If somebody came on time return 5 for this student. Every 15 min this will decrease.
example someone came 30 min late return 3 for this student as mark or point.
When i click to update all in connectivity like dynamic demo it will update all. Entered data one column it is called puntuacion or punctuation. Plus my calculated marks for another column as in out example 3 because my student came 30 min late
webbusteruk 158
July 08 2019, 10:29 #388035
You mean punctuality - ie being on time.
There are 2 ways of doing this:
  1. Do you want to refresh the whole page when you click Update All?
  2. or Do you want to just refresh the table and not the whole page?
No 1 is easier to do as you basically just re-send the whole table as data, then re-load the table with the new data that you've just sent.
No 2 is harder and will require some more complex coding/actions (I've not coded CC for a while now, will take time to look back into dynamic actions again). It is possible but takes some time to code.
healyhatman 9
July 08 2019, 11:27 #388036
The other possibility that would be a lot easier - store the time they're SUPPOSED to be there, and the time they DID get there (or even just how late they were) and in your read data action, as one of the fields to retrieve, use MYSQL to calculate the score. Or even EVEN better, just have a "punctuality" column as a virtual column, which would be automatically calculated and included in your table data.
But if you want to do it the way you're doing it, then you need to make sure your fields in your table view are named correctly. Should be named something along the lines of
Then when you submit, loop through {data:punctuality} and use a save data to update the record with id {var:loop_name.key} with the value {var:loop_name.row}
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