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Acymailing firstname+lastname = name

galbur , June 17 2019, 15:08
galbur 154
June 17 2019, 15:08 #387575
In Chronforms 5 i had a custom code to merge "firstname" + "lastname" to "name" to subscribe (via CURL) to a Acymailing Newsletter.
$form->data['name'] = "{$form->data['firstname']} {$form->data['lastname']}";
Unfortunately it doesn't work in chronforms 6 anymore.
All the Best
healyhatman 9
June 18 2019, 03:02 #387595
$this->data("fieldname") to get the value
$this->data("fieldname", "value", true) to set a value
Or just use both data fields in the Curl action
curl_field_name:{data:firstname} {data:lastname}
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galbur 154
June 18 2019, 13:30 #387627
Hi healyhatman
Thanks a lot. To use both data fields in the Curl Action is working. Good idea ...
all the best