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Update v5 forms to v6

chuckers82 , May 28 2019, 19:04
chuckers82 11
May 28 2019, 19:04 #387092
Hi I have about 20 forms built out in v5. I need these converted over to v6. I can send links to the forms on request. Thanks in advance.
healyhatman 9
May 28 2019, 21:38 #387093
You can restore a v5 form backup in v6 and it will transfer over the *design*, but not the *functions*.
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chuckers82 11
May 28 2019, 21:39 #387094
Yeah I know. I want all the function to come along with it and the new v6 I am not privy too yet and am hoping for some assistance on a handful of them.
GreyHead 65
May 14 2021, 09:57 #396469
Hi chuckers82,
You might be better moving directly to CFv7 - that does have an import function for CFv5 forms but I'm afraid I have no idea if the functions are included.
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