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Chronoforms and Joomla Custom Fields

galbur , April 30 2019, 14:03
galbur 145
April 30 2019, 14:03 #386424
I want to create a simple form for the users.
After submit, the content should be assigned to a specific Joomla category.
And it should be saved ind the Joomla !Table #_content.
I also would like to use fields in the form, which are already defined as Joomla Custom Fields.
So there are 3 tables involved: #_content, #_fields and #_fields_value
How can this be implemented with chronoforms?
Thank you very much
healyhatman 7
April 30 2019, 14:05 #386425
A save data saving to the content table
A Save Custom Fields action with the custom fields
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