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Newbie Question - viewing submissions

otato , April 13 2019, 05:57
otato 1
April 13 2019, 05:57 #385885
Please forgive me if this question has been asked dozens of times before. There are a lot of pages on this forum and I wasn't able to review everything that seemed on topic to this question.
Is the only way to receive the results from chornoforms in an email? I would like to have the results stored for review in a spreadsheet/database of sorts, is that out of the question? The purpose of the application would be to hold a fairly large vote for logged in users. Compiling email results seems like it could lead to a great many errors. Any thoughts?
Thanks for your time and insight.
admin 33
April 14 2019, 14:48 #385950
Hi Otato,
Yes, if your form is configured to store the data then you can view a list of the stored items and have a CSV backup
Best regards
healyhatman 9
April 15 2019, 05:30 #385966
You can use a Save Data action to save your submissions to a database.
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