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Popup Header, {var:ma_variable} : non-valued variable

minakara , April 12 2019, 19:27
minakara 20
April 12 2019, 19:27 #385865
Since the last version (, the var in Popup header is display like i write it : {var:ma_variable} and not the value of ma_variable
It's look like un bug, is not it ?
Thank for help me.
In my php before display Form i have :
healyhatman 8
April 13 2019, 06:28 #385888
Second this bug, appears to be popping up a fair bit.
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admin 28
April 13 2019, 12:27 #385905
Ok, fixed in the next update!
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minakara 20
April 27 2019, 06:03 #386339
Thank you very much!
Now, it's ok with Chronoforms_V6.1.0.