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Chronoforms 5 Validation failed

mars63 , April 05 2019, 13:16
mars63 1
April 05 2019, 13:16 #385633
a customer of mine has purchased a validation key for chronoforms 5. I now want to activate the component but there is always the message that chronoforms is not validated. can this be a problem with the security settings of the customer server? can I change my settings somewhere in Chronoforms? thank you in advance
GreyHead 64
April 05 2019, 17:51 #385639
Hi mars63,
Please use the Contact Menu above to ask Max to check the validation. Please fill in as much of the info in the Contact form as you can.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much