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How to get an email and save on next form

LeadershipBC , April 04 2019, 13:34
LeadershipBC 12
April 04 2019, 13:34 #385541
I Have a form "Subscribe to our lastest News" in footer of this site:
I would like to when I insert an email and click to subscribe save the email and continue to this form: with the email inserted on Email field.
Do you have any ideia how can I do it?
GreyHead 64
April 04 2019, 14:01 #385544
Hi LeadershipBC,
I don't see a ChronoForm on that page - just a single form element that does nothing and a link formatted as a button.
you can carry the email address forward then by adding it to the User session.
PS I noticed some CSS that is hiding the ChronoForms link under your forms.
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healyhatman 9
April 04 2019, 21:33 #385555
But in the "value" box of the email field on that second form, put
That is assuming your email field in the first form is called "email"
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