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Redirect url after submit at a new tab.

jdran , April 04 2019, 09:07
jdran 64
April 04 2019, 09:07 #385512
I have a form that gals and guys have to set their contact info and then on success, I save it to a database, send them an email, and show a success message which is important to them to see.
However, I also need to redirect them to an external url, which I implement using the redirect in Setup (works only when Ajax is disabled in Render form).
Any idea how to redirect in a new tab or page without affecting the initial page, so I can show them the success message as well?
GreyHead 64
April 04 2019, 10:03 #385518
Hi jdran,
You can use a System Message that will be displayed on the next page shown; or you can use JavaScript to display the message and then redirect after a short pause - say 10 seconds. There's an example in the FAQs somewhere I think' it's for an earlier version but the JavaScript should still be OK.
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