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Need backward button with multipage "pages"/"section" not "partition"

burf , March 07 2019, 13:37
burf 112
March 07 2019, 13:37 #384524
Hi, didn't find any answer in the forum, so:
I have a multipage form with e.g. two pages (not partitions), and need a backward button.
How can I add one? The pages are named "one" and "two".
Adding a button type "Button" and Class "backward" doesn't work. (When using the browser's "previous page" function, it asks to resend the data, and then correctly shows previously saved data.)
Thanks for any help!
burf 112
March 07 2019, 13:46 #384525
sorry … got it.
Add: Extras –> Link
Class: ui button
URL: {url:one}
ajdimac 5
April 30 2019, 15:13 #386429
I'm having the same issue of not understanding how to insert a Back Button. Please explain your post.
-- AJD
admin 28
April 30 2019, 19:58 #386432
You need to add a link element (under "Extras") and set the url to {url:page_name}
Best regards
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